During a Chinese medical consultation, the focus is to get an understanding of the persons individual energetic system. I have to determine according to Chinese Medical principles, if the person is lacking in energy or if their energy is not moving both from a physical and emotional point of view. Then I must decide on how to help the person correct this imbalance.

I will take a detailed account of your medical history, your diet, exercise and sleep patterns and any other factors which may be affecting your energy. I will address any particulars concerns or problems you are having at that time.

I will take your pulse, and I will also look at your tongue.

I will then devise a treatment plan best suited to the person. This will include all or some of the treatments such as herbal medicine, dietary or lifestyle advice, acupuncture or moxibustion (a heat treatment).

Should your treatment require a visit to the clinic please read the following:

Covid 19 Clinical Protocols

Pre-treatment screening form


I highly recommend Annemarie to everybody. She is so kind, gentle and very accommodating.With her I feel at home, her presence relaxes and calms me.”


“Annemarie is an experienced therapist whom I trust to look after mine and my kid’s health.”


“I have been receiving treatment over the course of 6 years, during which time I learned to turn to acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a primary port of call for helping to maintain and improve my well-being.”


“I have learnt to care for myself through diet and lifestyle adaptations thanks to the generous support of Anne-Marie.”