Create a sustainable lifestyle and nutrition plan that will enhance your energy.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

If a person is busy and not finding the time to look after themselves the body and mind can become unsettled and tired. This can cause the person to feel restless, anxious, create difficulty sleeping or switching off, and even a host of digestive or hormonal problems.

Chinese medicine offers the possibility of addressing these issues from many angles. Firstly by identifying the causes. Then using nutrition, Qi Gong exercise and other Chinese medical methods to support the persons ability to create more energy. 

This combination of food, exercise and proper rest, tailored precisely to what the person needs, gives them the best possible opportunity to replenish and restore their energy.


I highly recommend Annemarie to everybody. She is so kind, gentle and very accommodating.With her I feel at home, her presence relaxes and calms me.”


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