Bring balance to your physical, emotional and hormonal health

Womens Health

Many women find themselves over-stretched and under pressure from the demands that life throws at them, or even the demands they make on themselves. This can leave a woman exhausted, anxious, have difficulty sleeping or even switching off.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a whole area dedicated to the needs of women and their gynaecological health, from the beginning of their cycles all the way to post-menopause. It supports the woman’s ability to create more energy and sleep better in order to give her the best possible opportunity to feel well and keep the hormonal system in check.

Chinese medicine identifies the imbalances, stresses and energy deficiency that can cause a myriad of problems connected with a woman’s hormonal system. Painful periods at puberty to hot flushes post-menopause may be helped with diet, herbs, exercise and acupuncture.


“I have had a number of gynaecological issues things over the years which Anne-Marie has supported me through with acupuncture, herbs and constant sound advice”

“Anne-Marie has supported me with acupuncture and herbal medicine to manage digestive issues, pain and inflammation, as well as managing my menstrual cycle, and throughout pregnancy.”


“I had been suffering with PCO and other health complaints for over 20 years. With Anne-Marie’s help with diet, exercise, herbs and acupuncture I am finally able to have an active life ” T W